Awesome Fever Detection Using The Best Ear Thermometer

Best Ear ThermometerWhen dealing with those that are ill, injured, or having some other medical issue it is often necessary to take their temperature. To do this one can use a variety of different devices available. Those devices range from the standard digital, the temporal artery, the mercury, the digital pacifier, and the digital ear are also called tympanic thermometers.

On top of there being multiple varieties to select between there are also a variety of manners in which the temperature can be taken. Doctor’s will all agree just as the online sites such as WebMD that the most accurate way in which to get a temperature reading is by taking it rectally. But, most of us parents do not care for that method when there are others’ that feel less obtrusive methods available.

When having to chose between the different options my household also selects the best ear thermometers even though they are not the most accurate of all the models that are available. Primarily as it allows the older boys to not be bothered by mom since they are able to operate the ear thermometer on their own.

I personally feel that the boy’s should be allowed to grow as they feel they are ready, even if mom is not ready for her “babies” to be grown. It stores the reading even if they shut it off, so they are unable to hide the true reading making it a win win for all those at least in my home.Dr. David Spar
David S. Spar

Advantages When Using the Best Ear Thermometer

One great advantage of the best ear thermometer is that they are fast, some infrared ray settings taking only two seconds to hit the mark. Also there is no waiting period required after having a drink or eating as found with some digital models. This allows for the person who is taking the temperature to end the torture quickly because as most of us know the primary time one needs to have a temperature taken is when they are sick.

Benefits to Having The Best Ear Thermometer

A key benefit of the ear thermometer is that they can be used on almost anyone. Children, teens, and even adults will find that these are so much easier both used on them and for them to use. For those that are old enough the ear thermometer can be worked without the assistance of another person. There are often many different options one can find on a thermometer. For example the very best ear thermometers will not only display the temperature via the ear but would also show the oral and rectal numbers as well.

Disadvantages Found with Even the Best Ear Thermometer

Doctors recommend that the ear thermometer not use them on babies under six months of age. This could be due to the fact that the stape is located in the middle ear where it is necessary to place the thermometer to get a reading. Since this is the smallest bone in the body it would be super tiny on a newborn or small infant and thus easier in which to break or damage. The stape is one of three bone responsible for the ability to hear.

There are a couple of other instances when the ear thermometer has proven to not be useful and that is if the person has an ear canal that is curved or a lot of wax build up. These situations a reading will be provided but due to the condition it will be a wrong or false reading. The worst part is that the person with a fever, if these conditions are not ones in which you’ve been made aware, could create a situation of unnecessary risk or life threatening condition.

The Best Ear Thermometer in the World 2017: Top Five Ear Thermometer Reviews

1. Braun ThermoScan5 Ear Thermometer – Best Ear Thermometer for Baby 

The Braun Ear Thermometer is the number one selected option for parents as is the number one recommended thermometer line by physicians. In fact, you could easily see this unit in the hands of the nurse at your pediatrician’s or primary care physician’s offices.

This ear thermometer is great as it is super easy to use. In my opinion, the best aspect of the two second temperature reading occurs when you finally get the cranking little to take a nap, because you can quietly sneak in to get a temperature reading without the need to awaken them. This helps them to rest and you to keep your sanity for a bit longer all the while knowing if the last dose of fever reducing medicine is actually working.

Included in the Box

  • Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Protective Case
  • 21 Protective Lens Tip Filters


  • Easily switches from Fahrenheit to Celsius reading styles and back again with the press of a button while unit is off.
  • Recalls the last temp taken to prevent kids from being slick and erasing it without you having an opportunity to verify.
  • Unique positioning system helps ensure it is taking the temperature in the perfect spot. This is confirmed with an audio sound as well as with a built in light system.
  • Can work using rechargeable batteries to save money.
  • Comes ready to use with all items within the box giving one the ability to purchase and pack into the diaper bag or luggage without a second thought.
  • Unit makes an audio sound when temperature taking has completed to ensure that it is used in the precise manner.
  • Pre warmed exclusive tip design makes the instrument help match the body temp for a more accurate reading unlike other models and brands on the market.


  • Screen on this Braun model contains no light source and therefore is unreadable in a darkened room without an additional light source. A suggested tip for this would be to make certain you have cell phone with you as they all have a flashlight mode that will not overpower the room.
  • Will not operate without the filters attached. However, the filter can be reused five to seven times before they will no longer work effectively. The Braun even has a warning icon that will appear on screen in the lower right corner. Do not use on more than one person or for more than one day to prevent spread of bacteria.

2. Dual Mode Digital Forehead And Ear Thermometer – Best Digital Ear Thermometer 

This dual mode digital thermometer has thought of it all and thus has included all the functions a mother such as myself requires for a space in the medicine cabinet. One of my favorites, hands down, is the automatic shut off feature, as any means to help us save a few pennies is awesome in my book. Another of the great features we found to be of importance is the dual display mode as I prefer the Fahrenheit mode whereas my children swear by the Celsius mode. The audio alarm function is one that I feel very strongly as it helps to take the guesswork out of the temperature range guesswork that all thermometers and locations of use naturally have as is.

Included in the Box

  • Dual Mode Thermometer
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carrying Pouch
  • AAA Batteries
  • Set of Stickers


  • Twenty temperature holding system designed for recalling later should the need arise.
  • Fast and accurate so as not to fight completing the temperature taking process.
  • Digital display is of a backlit design to make for an ease in use no matter the atmosphere or setting.
  • An included sticker sheet to bring a little smile back or to bribe them to be still until done.


  • Company lacks the longevity background information that some of the other models have to offer. However, this unit has been through trial runs of real use to help place minds at ease which is often an even better means of information to those of my own household.

3. Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer – iProven DMT-489 – Best Ear Thermometer for Toddlers 

The iProven DMT-489 is a dual use thermometer that will soon be unwrapped by my son and daughter-in-law for them to have once my little grandbaby arrives. The two button operation has been made in the easiest of styles, not like any of the others I had seen. Normally dual modes found had a single button that would require one to remember which mode was which. On this device the labeling eliminated that guess work as the forehead mode works when using the button labeled head and the ear using the button labeled ear.

I remember just how stressful the first time my son ran his first fever, and so I want to help simplify any steps I can for them in advance. Another of the key points that I found unable to be resisted was that it does not require the purchase of any additional items to ensure that it will be operational unlike some of the other models and brands that are available. Cleaning and sterilization has also been made a snap which will make this grandma relax as well.

Included in the Box

  • IProven Forehead and Ear Thermometer
  • Soft Storage Pouch
  • Two AAA Batteries Pre-Installed
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Removable Cap


  • Dual modes of temperature taking allow for the iProven to be used on a person of any age.
  • Holds and recalls the last twenty temperatures that have been taken.
  • Functions in both Celsius and Fahrenheit modes.
  • Backlit LED screen to help with an easier time in reading temperature.
  • Works without the need to add lens covers over the ear insertion piece.
  • Equipped with a clinically tested fever alarm mode that will sound.
  • Audible tone to indicate when the unit has completed taking the temperature to ensure better accuracy when used.


  • Unable to use this with ear lens tip filters due to the way it was designed.

4. Upgraded Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer – Best Ear Thermometer for Infants 

Innovo is the thermometer of choice when I am shopping for baby shower gifts as it has been clinically tested to give dual reading types which make it a useful tool for children aged newborn and up. I always add a note card with my gifts that encourage taking trial readings to become more accustomed to the unit at a time of need since there is a margin of difference in the temperature taking methods. This also allows for a place to add tips for those that have not before used a forehead type unit as they can be tricky at first. For example, if oil from the skin or other objects are allowed to stay on the lens it will alter the effectiveness of use when unnecessary as they are super easy to clean with the use of a little alcohol on a sterile pad or Q-tip.

Included in the Box

  • Innovo Dual Mode Thermometer
  • Thermometer Stand
  • Two AAA Batteries
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Use Card
  • Warranty Card


  • Dual modes of temperature taking with one unit. F1 allows forehead readings. F2 allows for readings in the ear.
  • Ability to have temperature readings using the Fahrenheit or Celsius scales allowing for easier use no matter which of the scales you know the best.
  • Holds the last twenty temperatures in the units memory for a precise fever history to be recalled at the push of a button taking stress away from the nervous parent. Also a great addition to the sleep deprived person caring for their ill patient.
  • This model has been upgraded from previous version to include a more accurate read when used. This occurred by them installing an improved infrared lens.


  • There is a variance range noticed with this item when taking one’s temperature. A way to ensure that a good temp is achieved is by doing tests when well to discover the variance, thus allowing for a proper read when needed in fevering conditions.
  • If lens is not properly cleaned it will give false or inaccurate temperature readings. This happens to more people most often when used in forehead mode as it requires touching the skin to get a reading.

5. Hylogy Digital Ear Thermometer with Quick Read – Best Rated Ear Thermometer 

The Hylogy Digital Ear Thermometer is a thermometer that, in my opinion, was designed with users like myself in mind that never could get the hang of reading those old glass mercury filled thermometers every grandmother inevitably had in the bathroom medicine cabinet. This is also perfect for the parent or caregiver of a human or fur cover child alike. Having face and color reading options on top of the standard digital readout makes this thermometer one that can be used by absolutely anyone, even those that suffer from various disabilities that otherwise had rendered them unable to use one on their own.

Included in the Box

  • Hylogy Digital Ear Thermometer
  • Two AAA Batteries
  • Thermometer Stand
  • Storage Pouch
  • User’s Manual


  • Three backlight colors to quickly assess temperature range. Green for normal. Yellow/Orange for a slight fever. Red for a high fever.
  • Three faces to also assess temperature range. Smiley face when all is well. A face of concern when running a slight fever. Sad face when fever is a high one.
  • Waterproof outer casing to allow for easy clean and sterilization.
  • High temperature alarm system has been built into the unit to aid in knowing without any doubt if a fever has reached a high point.
  • One second read times that are precise while providing the least amount of discomfort levels when being used.
  • A large LCD screen makes it easier to read the temperature no matter how little sleep you have had.
  • Lightweight, easy to use, single button operation to assist when you have your hands full with the child, pet, or other half that is not feeling well.
  • Holds the last ten readings to help parents and medical personnel to track if improvement or worsening is taking place. Great device for first time parents that are having their first fever scare, for example.


  • Ear tip covers not included with this unit when purchased. They can, however, be ordered separately for a more sanitized use.
  • Directions for use varies by the age in which it is being used and have caused some confusion to some that have used this item. When looking into this a bit more I found that these units had missed the addition of a user’s manual during production.

What’s The Best Way To Use An Ear Thermometer?

To ensure that they thermometer is being used the best way we have included the following link. Here you will find easy step by step instructions for use as well as tips that might be helpful.

Absolutely Key Factors To Affect Body Temperature You Need To Know

There are no two people exactly alike, not even those of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc,) so therefore there are no two body temperatures that will be affected identically. There are some common factors that have proven to be held as the norm. Temperature based the most dominate of these norms is the standard normal temperature being 98.6. The following are other factors that have been found to affect body temperatures.

  • Body temperatures are known to flexuate throughout the day.
  • If temps by mouth are the norm those under the arm run 0.3 – 0.4 degrees lower and those rectally run 0.5 – 0.7 degrees higher.
  • The outside temperature, if you have just been, can greatly affect temperature readings.
  • Temperatures over 100.4 often indicate one has an illness or an infection.
  • Medically speaking temperatures that range 97.7 – 99.5 are considered normal.
  • Monthly menstration cycles can add 1 degree to woman’s average temperatures.
  • A person’s age and lifestyle can also lead to temperature affects that change.
Abnormal Temperature Zones

Recently I was at the doctor’s office where my boy’s were being given physicals and to help pass the time I was flipping through the magazines. Pretty routine, I know. While doing so I stumbled across an informational add that got me to thinking. By the time I had completed the reading of it I had more questions than ever. Below are the two primary one’s that I had to ask the doctor for clarification along with the answers I was given, just in case you are unaware of them as well.

Are you aware of the degree range that is considered to be abnormal?

My doctor’s office confirmed that most of their patients, myself included, have needed to call them after hours more often for fevering situations that most other needs. Here is the current rating used in the US for the person of average everyday health (some medical conditions follow different guidelines and that medical staff should therefore provide the listing that is to be applied.

When the temperature is being taken in the ear or rectally a poor low number would be anything Less than 97 degrees. Numbers this low can often be an indication of potential hypothermia onset. Temperature falling at or over 104 when taken in the same manner is a very high number. Numbers reaching this high can often having severe life altering ramifications.

Does this range vary dependant on how it has been taken?

Yes. Typically the variances can be broken into two categories. These are the armpit category ranges and “the rest” in the alternate category. “The rest” category includes those taken orally, rectally, in the ear, or via the temporal artery. All temperatures are based off of the Fahrenheit scale.

According to many medical professionals including those at WebMD an armpit standard fever range will be when temperatures are most often those found between 99.4 – 102.9. A reading of 103 or higher is considered a high fever and should have you contacting medical professionals if you have not yet done so.

However, WebMD places the standard fever range for “the rest” are those that range from 100.4 – 103.9. the high fever range then being those from 104 and up.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) a body temperature found between 97 and 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit with a happy and healthy baby is in the normal range, however, a rectal temperature reading at 100.4 degrees or higher has become a fever.

No Questions Asked Hands Down Household Favorite

The iProven DMT-489 is the clear winner between the five best ear thermometers that have been highlighted above the in the ear thermometer reviews section. This offers the peace of mind that it has been clinically tested while maintaining an ease in operations so that even in the most stressful of future times to come everyone that loves the ones in which it is to be used will rest a little bit easier. The design also allows for the tiniest of babies to one day become grown up enough to use this product all by themselves and impress even themselves that they have become big enough to no longer needs moms help. At the same time it saves the temperature readings allowing mom to verify what the little scammers have reported the out to be.

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